October 9, 2015

Color Catches the Eye

A late afternoon sky over the Massanutten Range caught my eye because of the colors in the clouds. I'm sharing in with the Skywatch Friday linkup, but is there enough orange for Orange You Glad It's Friday? Never mind, I have another image with orange in it! 

May your weekend be bright!


  1. Love the sky shot. The colours are so delicate.

  2. Great sky shot. The second one looks well suited for the end of the month!

  3. Love the colors in the sky in that first photo. Gorgeous.

  4. Love that first shot!

  5. Beautiful colors in the sky. The second shot made me giggle.

  6. LOL I used to have fake hands that you could shut into the trunk of your car and it looked kind of real. Got some second looks.


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