September 4, 2015

Visitor Center at the Refuge

Near Cambridge, Maryland

wildlife refuge sign

The Visitor Center at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge has exhibits to help you understand the marshland environment and the challenges of protecting it.

The marsh is home to many birds plus other animals including the rare Delmarva fox squirrel.

Behind the building is a native plant garden which looked lovely even in the heat of late summer.

An exhibit shows how scientists measure the depth of the marsh and the rise in sea levels. Since the 1930s, Blackwater has lost over 5,000 acres of habitat as sea levels rose faster than the marsh can build elevation. 

Sculpture: Monarch Butterflies


  1. Hello, the visitor center at Blackwater is wonderful. It is fairly new and was well done. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Never found a Visitor center that was not informative... I assume that fire was a controlled burn... then again, why would there be fire in a marsh?

  3. That is very interesting. Losing 5000 acres to rising sea level is very drastic.

  4. The garden looks lovely. Looks like an interesting place to visit.

  5. This is so interesting. Would love to visit. That butterfly sculpture is gorgeous!

  6. I love places like this as you learn so much. - That butterfly sculpture at the end is really pretty.

  7. The flowers are probably loved by the little butterflies.


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