September 13, 2015

Shooting for Weekend Themes

I like blog linkups because they keep me looking for subjects that I might otherwise pass by, while they also show me what other photobloggers are doing. Here's a shot for Black and White Weekend. I was walking past a playground and noticed that this structure has enough contrast and shape to look interesting in black and white. If I weren't participating in the linkup, I probably would not have noticed this.

[Do you shoot differently for black and white?]

Also sharing as my Skywatch Photo.

Then there's Weekend Reflections. I don't participate regularly because I sometimes neglect to watch for reflections, but I'll try to do better. Reflections are fun to see when you take time to notice them.


  1. Fascinating playground shape, and I love the contrast and the pattern of the cables.

  2. That playground structure is quite photogenic!

  3. That looks almost identical to the climbing frame in our local park


  4. Very nice! I love the shapes of the cables and the shadows on the mast.
    Visiting from The weekend in B&W, Hilde

  5. These are great shots and both fit with the linkups well.


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