September 8, 2015

Maryland ~ Random and Odd

suspension bridgeI'm finally finishing up the posts from our trip to the Eastern Shore and linking to The Good, the Random, and the Fun. I'm also sharing this first shot with Through My Lens

It was good that we didn't have a long delay getting on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Last year we were stopped in traffic there for two hours.

The Random: Frank likes to eat at a certain restaurant overlooking the boardwalk when we go to Ocean City. It doesn't work well for my food allergies but it's a tradition for him (as evidenced in previous posts like this and this one).

The Fun: Ocean City has a wacky side, and the Ocean Gallery is an example. The outdoor decor is odd — pretty much an assault on the eyes!  Indoors we found bins packed with movie posters, speed paintings, and imitations of masterpieces. Some of the posters were satirical and clever but I didn't buy anything.


  1. Ocean City has some great places to eat, YUM! I love the art gallery. I would not like to be stuck on the Bay Bridge for two hours, that is awful. Great photos. Enjoy your day!

  2. Love the bridge photos! Wonderful structure!

  3. Great shots of the bridge. Ocean City has a lot to see.

  4. We used to go to Ocean City Maryland many years ago.

  5. What a fun place to visit. Great photos. I can feel the craziness of Ocean City through your photos.


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