September 21, 2015

Good, Random, Fun — September 21

Here it is Monday already and we are well into September. Time is flying by, but at least I can participate in the Random-osity blog hop and share a few miscellaneous items.

First, it's good when neighbors get together. The Shenandoah River Lakes Property Owners Association finally met, delayed a week by a heavy storm. The only officers who were able to attend were Frank and the president, Michael Kominek. Still, the necessary business got done and a meal followed in the community's picnic shelter.

Random: Here's a mural I saw on our trip to the Eastern Shore. It shows a man raking crabs, a popular way of obtaining seafood in the Chincoteague area. I'm sharing this with Monday Murals, with apologies for the plastic pipes and utility covers in the foreground.

The Fun: I enjoy historical tours, and Hardy County Heritage Days are almost here. This picture from last year shows a  young re-enactor in Moorefield.

This is the time of year when there are so many events every Saturday that I can't attend all the ones that I want to see. I can't even keep track because there are so many! Some (but not all) are listed on ShenandoahValleyWeb. Y'all come!


  1. I love the mural. That is really cool!

  2. The young re-enactor certainly looks the part!


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