September 14, 2015

Another Café Mural

Last week I shared a mural that showed a café scene in Ocean City, Maryland.  This one is in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It's possible that you already saw it on Tanya's blog, which is where I first saw it.

On the same wall to the left of the mural is the URL for Rise Harrisonburg, which I just learned is a ministry.

The mural brightens the side of a coffee house that's on Court Square. Harrisonburg, in central Shenandoah Valley, hosts two universities plus a couple of colleges, so naturally it has coffee shops, ice cream stands, and restaurants.
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  1. Taken from a different angle, I see. I do remember that one from Tanya's page.

  2. A very colourful mural.

    All the best Jan

  3. Cafe style works for me. It is an imaginary window of what might be inside.

  4. That's a fun-looking mural. I wish more people would put murals on their buildings. I think they liven things up.


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