August 17, 2015

Late Summer Randomosity

I'm playing The Good, Random, and Fun today starting with:

The Good:
Tesla is building a charging station at Denny's in Strasburg. This will provide a convenient place for travelers on I-81 to charge their electric cars in Shenandoah County. It should also provide some customers for the eateries around there.

The Random: This low-water bridge on Bowman Mill Road crosses Cedar Creek at the site of an old ford used by Confederate soldiers who slipped across in the pre-dawn hours just before attacking the Union camp on the hills above. The Battle of Cedar Creek followed, and might have been a Confederate victory if General Sheridan had not arrived in time to rally his troops.

The Fun: Let's celebrate summer fun! When hot weather hits, we tend to think summer will last a long time, but once we get out and have fun, it's suddenly over!

I don't know these young people, but I enjoy seeing folks having fun. I pasted the images together for Mosaic Monday.

Have a good week!


  1. In a near future the batteries will be charged while driving on the road. It will be done via the asphalt.

  2. Good morning, great selection for your post. I like the fun mosaic, I remember doing a lot of tubing on the river on some hot summer days in my past. Have a great day!

  3. Summer is fun in the water and ice cream no matter where you live. I enjoy seeing young people at the beach, they have so much energy.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Linda.

  4. We'r experiencing our second stretch of 90s weather here, humidity and all. Hitting the beach tomorrow.

  5. This is a nice collection. I especially like the reflection of the trees in the water in that second shot.

  6. Nice collection of photos.
    I hope you'll come link up at

  7. That's some good summer fun! The tesla cars do look cool!


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