August 25, 2015

Evening, Chincoteague Island

vehicle and sunset

Sharing with Our World Tuesday


  1. Pretty Chincoteague sunset. Lovely series, enjoy your day!

  2. Gorgeous shots!
    Thank you for linking up at

  3. Hello I have fount your lovely blog. Your pictures are so nice!!! What a beautiful sunset.
    I want tofollow your blog. Maybe you want to visit my blog ?
    Great wishes,

  4. beautiful serie! amazing colours, very nice contrast of the tree against the sky.
    Greetings from Hilde, visiting from Trees n Bushes.

  5. Such a lovely set of photos. The trees caught my eye and then the pretty colors of the sky and the reflection on the water.

  6. What lovely colours in those last two pictures ... amazing.

    All the best Jan

  7. Such a wonderful sunset. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  8. Beautiful skies and water, and lovely trees! Love all these pretty scenes. Great shots!

  9. now, that is some pretty images. Love all three of them in their own way :)

  10. These are all lovely. Such a pretty sunset.


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