July 20, 2015

More from Babcock State Park

Fayette County, WV

The Good: This handcrafted model of Glade Creek Mill stands in the park's visitor center. Compare it to the photos of this iconic mill that I posted yesterday.

The Random: While we were there, a small wedding was taking place in front of the visitor center.

The Fun: The park offers fishing and boating in Boley Lake. These paddle boats were not in use when we were there, probably because some rain had fallen that day and a large storm was in the forecast for later in the afternoon. 

Babcock State Park is not far from the New River Gorge, an exciting area for outdoor vacationing. Although I can check it off my list of places I wanted to see, I'd still like to go again.

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  1. Cute model of the mill. Interesting choice of footwear at the wedding!

  2. Looks like a lovely place to explore!

  3. What a neat place for a wedding. I like the model of the old mill. I have to add this place to my bucket list along with the New River. Have a happy day!

  4. The model of the mill is quite authentic looking and it appears the wedding had a western flare to it.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Linda.

  5. The model of the mill is neat. Looks like a fun place to visit.


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