July 7, 2015

Good, Random, and Fun in Etlan, VA

The Good: This cat is actually quite sweet, even though the pose looks a bit predatory.


The Random: This white barn sports a fine "barn quilt." So far there aren't many of these decorative pieces in this part of Virginia. We saw this along F. T. (Francis Thornton) Valley Road just south of the village of Etlan in Madison County.

The Fun: Browsing antique shops is fun, especially the ones that aren't too fancy.  This one had a number of buildings, some of them very rustic.

We drive through Etlan on our way to Charlottesville, and finally got around to visiting the antique store recently.  I posted a couple of pictures I took in front of this store a year ago.

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  1. Great "guard cat" and of course the quilt barn is a wonderful find. Too bad that there aren't more in your area. Thanks Linda for linking up this week. I hope that you will return again. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. The cat has such lovely coloring. Never saw a barn with a quilt like that - very cool!


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