June 27, 2015

Along the Turkey Spur Trail

This is another short trail at Grandview. It connects Turkey Spur Overlook with a viewing structure. Even from the parking lot you get a nice view.

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  1. Thanks for joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl's World! in the Sepia Saturday Blog Hop!


  2. Sounds like a nice place with the overlook and short trail! I have to check it out some day. Happy Sunday!

  3. Cool name Turkey Spur. We have Turkey Lane here.

  4. I love these kind of trails & can't wait to see what's around the next turn..:)

  5. You go a lot of very cool Places Linda!!! Good for you!

  6. A nice spot for a rest. And good contrast with that boulder.

  7. I could sit there for a spell.


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