June 16, 2015

A Couple of Odd Shots and Some Old Folk Fun

truck made of pipes and wood

I'm counting this truck sculpture/ play equipment as "Good" for the Good, Random and Fun blog hop. I think it's very clever; I've never seen anything like it!

The next photo is pretty "Random." What we're looking at is maple seedlings growing on our swimming pool cover.

Maples sow a lot of seeds, and this year must have been ideal for those tiny trees to grow.  They came off with the mesh cover, as did a bunch of leaves. After we removed the second cover (which is pretty much a big tarpaulin), I noticed tadpoles swimming in the pool. I netted out about 50 of them and relocated them to a pond before my husband started adding "shock" to the water.
Sharing with NF Trees and Bushes

Next up is the Fun category. Our fun is pretty sedate since we are "old" folks. But I've always felt a picnic in Shenandoah National Park is fun, even if it just consists of burgers and fries.

Stopping at the overlooks can be fun too! 


  1. love the truck. We had a similar thing at one of the beaches where I lived before. But that was an airplane. Lots of fun for kids, and their parents :) :)

  2. Love the car driving down the road at sunset. Such a great photo.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I love picnics too. I haven't been on one for a while. We do that less now, I guess, since our kids are grown. Nice pictures!

  4. Perhaps nurseries should start new tees in swimming pool covers. It looks like it works great. Easy hydroponics. Love the truck!


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