May 15, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday, Mid-May Randomness

Tanya in Roanoke hosts a linkup called Willy Nilly Friday. I rarely take the time to find 5 random shots but right now I have a surplus of pictures that don't merit an entire post. The first two even qualify for other Friday blog hops.

men putting up a sign1. Frank is on the board for our community association and he volunteered to get a couple of signs replaced. He got a decent price from Fine Line in Maurertown and they finished them this week. Here Frank and our neighbor Tony are putting up the new sign at the community entrance.

2. I take sunset photos fairly often. I'm linking this one to Skywatch Friday. I could probably get by with submitting it to Orange You Glad It's Friday, but instead I'm using the first picture because the sign has a big orange sun.

Oh! I just realized that Maria selected my orange wall picture to feature on Orange You Glad! And I am glad!

3. Sometimes I submit photos to the Historical Marker Database. I often use that site as a resource so it's the least I can do. Last night I noticed their Boydville page lacked a photo of the mansion and grounds so I submitted this shot of the grounds plus one of the mansion shots from my post yesterday on Boydville

hand holding dusty mulch4. I got a great deal on some grass seed, or so I thought. But it turned out that the mulch it came in was ground-up paper that looks like blown insulation. I tried a little on a bare spot in my lawn and was horrified by how trashy it looked! I'd be embarrassed if this blew onto our neighbor's yard

5. This last picture is so random it doesn't fit into any of my usual categories. I'm not a truck enthusiast but I felt like this one had character.


  1. What a pretty sky shot.

  2. I love the sunset shot, beautiful capture. Have a happy weekend!

  3. i like the last one, too. yeah, the mulch looks like an awful idea.

  4. That sunset shot is breathtaking!

  5. I love that last one! I love old trucks...

  6. Looks like Frank got himself into a lot of work.

  7. that mulchy paper is terrible to lay out on your lawn, what were they thinking? beautiful sunset! thanks for linking!


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