May 25, 2015

Good, Random and Fun, Memorial Day Edition

bucket of small flagsThe Good: A Veteran's Group placed a display of flags at Panorama Memorial Gardens (in Waterlick) for Memorial Day. Here we see a sign offering free flags: Please take a Flag to Honor Your Veteran.

I took a number of pictures there and have put four of them together. (Click the image to open a larger version.)

The Random: I couldn't do justice to this flag mural. I found myself wishing the sun would go behind a cloud to get rid of the shadows from the utility wires. Maybe I'll remember to stop there on a cloudy day. It's in Front Royal and I go there to shop fairly often.

Here's a closer look at that upper star. I like the eagle!

The Fun: On Saturday, I took my older daughter to Wolf Trap Center to see Garrison Keillor and the taping of Prairie Home Companion. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, the U.S. Navy's Brass Band played a number of rousing patriotic songs. Keillor and his regulars were very funny, as usual. I often catch their show on the radio on Saturday or Sunday.

Lynn took the first and last pictures in this mosaic. I gave her Frank's ticket because he was visiting his brother who just got out of the hospital.


  1. Awesome flag mural. I like your choices for the mosaic picture.

  2. I love all the flags and the pretty mural. Wonderful photos. I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. Ours is a pretty flag for sure.

  4. Ours is a pretty flag for sure.

  5. Love all the patriotic sites!

  6. I always admire the people who can paint huge murals on the side of buildings and this one of your American flag is lovely.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  7. The flag mural definitely stands out so well!

  8. That is a beautiful flag mural.


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