May 22, 2015

Friday's Random Reports

Willy Nilly Friday ~ 5 Random Things

American Flag1. It's Memorial Day Weekend here in the States, so I'm posting a photo of a flag that I took last month. It was outside a store and I was concerned enough about it's sad condition that I asked the clerk about it. She said a wind storm the day before had torn it. They were going to replace it.

At least the flowering tree behind it looked glorious!

2. We no longer have the trusty Montero. Frank sold it online to a buyer in the U.K. and a shipping company picked it up this week. We didn't drive it often because it used more gas than our sedan, but it was handy when we needed 4-wheel drive and when we needed to move furniture.

We bought it back in 2001 after we purchased a vacation home in Bryce Resort. "Monty" was great for navigating mountain roads in the snow except for one time when we got almost 3 feet of snow and even an SUV could not plow through.

3. Frank's brother Bill is recovering from a heart attack so Frank has gone up to Vandergrift to see him. Wouldn't you know we haven't replaced the Montero yet, so we rented a car for Frank to drive.

I decided not to go with him this time. With two dogs (and one of them needing a lot of care!), it is very difficult to travel on short notice. But I sent warm wishes along for strength and recovery.

4. We've had some afternoon showers lately and with them, some fine rainbows. Frank got this shot from the passenger seat of our car while I was driving on I-81.

bird5. This bird spent a day and a half on the non-working fountain in our community lake. Some neighbors got concerned that it was stuck so a couple of men went out towards it on a boat. The bird saw them and flew away!

I think it looks like a cormorant but I don't see many of those around here. As for the fountain, Frank ordered a new pump for it to help aerate the water. I believe the orange bottles were tied on the device so that it wouldn't be hard to find when the new pump arrives.


  1. Lovely flowering tree. Enjoy your memorial weekend!

  2. Love the flag shot! Your bird is a cormorant, they seem to be everywhere lately. Pretty sighting of the rainbow. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!

  3. You sure the bottles weren't placed there for an OYGIF shot!? lol In any event, the cormorant has a splash of orange. Hope your brother-in-law is mending speedily! Cheers, Stan

  4. neat to have a cormorant visit. hope frank's visit with his brother is a good one and bill regains his strength. interesting someone bought the vehicle to ship to uk. must be expensive!

    (why are you having to respond to the word verification prompt? as a blogspot/blogger user, you should be able to simply ignore it and hit publish. it is supposed to only be required for open i.d. - wordpress, typepad, etc. - commenters)

  5. Cormorants are very cool birds. Great pics!

  6. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. Hope he recovers quickly. Found it interesting that you sold a car online, and yo someone overseas. The cormorant is very cool! Beautiful rainbow, too!

  7. I hope your brother in law has a smooth recovery. Cormorants do turn up here on occasion. This one's quite striking.

  8. oh no, i hope your brother in law is doing scary...interesting your vehicle is going to the uk! thanks for linking linda!!


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