April 4, 2015

Night Shots

Tonight's Moon

Handheld Image (while Leaning on the Car for Support)

On the morning of April 1st we found two of our bird feeders on the ground. One was broken open in several places. Fortunately I had a wildlife camera set up and it captured a picture of this bear! I did not replace the feeders because this character will probably come back for more.

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  1. wow... it was a strange visit...

  2. Cool capture of the bear! And I love the moon shot. It was cloudy here :(!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Amazing to see a bear in your yard! And a great moon shot!

  4. Nice moon shot. Wow - a bear! Yikes!

  5. GREAT shot of the moon! A bear visit? Yikes!

  6. Oh my gosh! I'd rather not have a visit from a bear. Cool shot of the moon!

  7. It is best this time of year to put the feeders away. When they come out of hibernation, they'll look for easy meals, and the birds can take care of themselves now.


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