April 1, 2015

My Camera-Shy Self-Portrait

face obscured by flowerI've been puzzling over what to post for the City Daily Photo Theme Day, and I think it was harder because I came up with the current topic: My Camera-Shy Self-Portrait. The example that I posted previously involved a shadow so I didn't want to do that again. Today I experimented with my iPad's camera and some daffodils that I picked from our yard and came up with this image. The daffodils have significance because spring has just arrived, and it was a little late considering this is Virginia, but very welcome! It was a long cold winter.

Here I'm hiding from the camera, although in reality I'm not particularly camera-shy, although I am shy in some other situations. But more often, I am just reticent because I am observing.

In contrast to the first image, which is pretty much a straight photo, my runner-up photo is one I labored over yesterday. I posed it in the backyard, used a self-timer on my little Coolpix camera to take a few similar shots, selected and cropped it in Photoshop and then applied several filters so that it was noticeably altered. The idea was to obscure my face just enough that not much about me was revealed.

I've been happily checking the CDP Portal to enjoy what other photographers produced for the theme.  If you haven't been there already, hop over and check it out.


  1. Nice choices for the theme. I am not really camera shy either, but I like my blog to remain anonymous. :)

  2. Great selfie captures for the meme. Have a happy day!

  3. I think these are wonderful self-portraits.

  4. Oh ... I love your fisrt shot, brilliant idea !


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