April 26, 2015

Gardens at Little Oatlands

daffodils and rock wall

According the Historic Garden Week Guidebook, when Edith and William Corcoran Eustis bought Oatlands (a historic plantation next door) in 1903, they also purchased the Little Oatlands property. In the mid-1930s their daughter Margaret and her husband David Finley "moved to Little Oatlands and began a garden that incorporated their love and respect for Italian design with their knowledge of horticulture.... Mr. Finley was the first director of the National Gallery of Art and a founder of the National Trust for Historic Preservation."

It was a privilege to see this delightful garden! Normally it is not open to the public so this was a special opportunity.

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  1. so pretty! love the stone walls!

  2. What a beautiful spot! How lucky that you got to see it too!

  3. So beautiful! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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