April 18, 2015

Ben Has CHF

I took our cocker spaniel to the vet on Monday. After a series of tests, Dr. Conner diagnosed Ben with congestive heart failure. She prescribed some medications that are helping him feel better.

He has had a heart murmur for a long time and was diagnosed with heart disease in November. Two months ago he fainted while walking outdoors on a freezing cold day — just fell over in the snow! He's been reluctant to embark on long walks and just stops after a couple hundred feet and looks back the way he came.

After his stay in the kennel while we were in California in March, he seemed to have lost interest in his dog food and had to be coaxed to eat by adding tasty things to his bowl. After we noticed that he looked thinner, I took him to the vet on Monday.

Dr. Conner says he's in the early stages of the disease and the medications can help him stay comfortable for some time. By the next day his appetite was noticeably better and his energy seems improved. The diuretics make him urinate frequently so we have to take him outside even more often than before.

He's not a young dog so we know his lifespan is limited. And my power to help is certainly limited! Meanwhile our other dog seems to be more distressed than usual, and I don't know whether is senses his buddy's illness or is jealous that Ben gets to go outside so often.


  1. i'm sorry for the diagnosis, but glad you know what you're dealing with. hopefully the meds can help and keep him going and happy for a while.

    1. Thank you! At least he is happier than he was a week ago.

  2. Sad news. But hopefully the medicine will help!
    And I hope he will be better soon.

  3. it is always very hard to know that our best companion is ill. Hope he will be better soon...

  4. Yes, sad. Our pets bring us so much pleasure though. Keep always reminding yourself of this.

  5. Hopefully the meds do well in keeping him comfortable and frisky. He's such a character.

  6. That's sad news. I hope the meds will help him feel better.

  7. It's hard to watch our furry friends decline with age. We have had a cat and a dog who had heart conditions. Hope the meds will help him feel better.

  8. It sounds like Ben has a wonderful owner who is making his transition through life as easy as it can be. Best wishes for his continued well being.

  9. It's difficult to see our furry friends not feel well. Glad the meds are helping Ben a bit. Poor little fellow. He's in good hands though.

  10. I completely understand how you feel as I had a dog, that had CHF and he use to pass out on us a lot too. We never had him put on medication as we did not know that was what is was until it was too late. I hope the meds help your sweet dog to feel better.

  11. Awe. Poor baby. I miss having dogs but I hate seeing them suffer so at this point in my life I'm glad not to have an animal.


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