March 12, 2015

Museum Interlude

After leaving snowy Virginia, we were looking forward to sunny California weather. Apparently we brought clouds with us because we started off with a couple days of rain! There was even some hail, enough that on one beach that some folks built snowmen with it!

Rain was good for the state, though, which has suffered from drought. We made good use of our time by going to museums, starting with the Armand Hammer Museum.

I enjoyed viewing the art on display but did not take pictures of it, although I did not see any sign prohibiting photography. Museums used to be strict about this but I guess many have given up since so many folks carry cell phone that take pictures. I did take a few pics in lobby areas using my phone. The two women posing are part of a project that I did not really understand, but they were moving very slowly. I thought that sort of thing went out with the "happenings" of several decades ago!

The museum is in the UCLA area and it was interesting seeing that part of Los Angeles.


  1. Great capture!
    People posing live is indeed back, and in a big way, from New York City to London and back to California.

  2. Our art museum had guards all over making sure you do not take pictures. They are really strict!

  3. Our National Gallery lifted the restrictions on photography, with the odd exception.

  4. Would that make it a hailman? ;)

  5. I hope California turned to Sunny California for you! I'm sure either way it has been a respite from snow.

  6. I never did quite understand what that kind of "performance art" was supposed to be all about. Hope you had fun at the museums.


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