March 29, 2015

Lake Shrine and Gardens

shrine reflelcted in lakeOne of the beautiful places we visited in Southern California was the Lake Shrine at Pacific Palisades. It features a peaceful lake, meditation gardens, and a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. There are symbols and signs honoring five major religions of the world.

On a hill above it is a temple which we did not go to but perhaps we will tour it on a future trip to California. Certainly the lake is worth another visit.

entrance sign

lake and swan

quote from psalmsPeople come here to meditate, pray, or just enjoy the beauty.

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  1. A beautiful place! I would love to take a rest there too!

  2. Beautiful garden and peaceful lake...Reflection is tremendous...Lovely photos...I must be nice to spend the time there...

  3. What a peaceful place! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. i love the pictures of the ladies just siting and relaxing. love the flopping hat. enjoy the reflections too. what a peaceful area. i have never been to CA. hope to one day. great place. ( :

  5. it looks beautiful and peaceful.

  6. A beautiful place for meditation and prayer. Lovely!

  7. This is just ;ducky'.
    btw Thanks for leading of with your 'take' on Theme Day.

  8. Looks quite peaceful and serene.


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