March 8, 2015

Icicles, Late Winter


Winter must be ending, for daylight savings time is beginning. I don't know where the savings part comes in; we're just moving an hour, not saving it.


  1. Great b&w composition!
    My b&w post at:

  2. Beautiful icicle photo! You make them shine and sparkle.
    We have 3 weeks before our clocks alter - I really hate the disturbance of my sleep patterns :(

  3. Pretty icicles and photo.. I am happy to see the longer daylight return! Happy Sunday!

  4. I agree about that saving philosophy!

  5. Our icicles are now all gone. I hope we don't see any more until at least December.

  6. Lovely icicle shot!

    There's an expression from Natives that applies to the nonsense that is Daylight Saving Time. Only a government could cut a foot off the length of a blanket, sew it to the other side of the blanket, and say you have a bigger blanket.

  7. We had a lot of icicles this year. I told my hubs it is because our eves aren't working right.


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