March 30, 2015

Downtown Hollywood

I finally made it to Hollywood! I've been to Los Angeles multiple times but the trip earlier this month was the first time I saw Hollywood. Actually, it's not that impressive. It's busy with traffic, crowded with tourists, and congested with touts seeking to make money off visitors. But we had some laughs and I captured some photos to show you and share with three blog hops. 
Hollywood High School
The Good

We saw some fine murals on Hollywood High School. Stars like John Ritter, Dorothy Dandridge, and Dolores del Rio were painted there by artist Eloy Torrez. Unfortunately I didn't get to see all the images, some of which are hidden by trees.

The Random

Below: I made some random street scenes into a mosaic to show they belong to the same category.
The Fun
It was fun seeing the footprints outside Grumman's Chinese Theatre and the nearby Walk of Fame.  

Sharing with Monday Murals and Mosaic Monday


  1. I love the murals and the photos of the footprints. Great shots from your trip! Have a happy day!

  2. Those murals are so great! I've been to Hollywood once and saw the footprints, so cool!

  3. Great pictures! I have been there once, but it wasn't really my scene.

  4. Love the mural. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Aren't the murals impressive! A sad moment to see Robin William's star but fun to see the footprints.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Linda.

  6. What a fun visit.

  7. I'm glad you made it to Hollywood and got these fun photos to share with us.

  8. I'd probably go once, to see the stars on the walk of fame. I like that second mural.

  9. Tanya, we ate at Musso and Frank Grill. It's been there for many years. But they got my order wrong!

  10. Interesting to see. I've never been there.

  11. I haven't yet been there, but maybe one day!!

  12. I bet you also ran across images that could fit a category called The Weird. But that's probably another post. Love the vintage movie star mural. Has a Deco aura to it. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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