February 17, 2015

Veterinary Visit Followed by Snow

man walking dogsThese pictures are from yesterday evening. We got about 3 inches of fresh snow on top of the light snow that we had already.

It began to fall in early afternoon. We had left the veterinary hospital and had stopped at a store for some supplies. A larger volume of snow had been forecast so we picked up a few things.

The reason I took Benny to the vet was that he had briefly collapsed the day before. Frank was walking him and the poor dog lay down on the cold snow. He lay on his side, not moving except for breathing. We called to him and he did not respond. After a couple of minutes he struggled to his feet and walked around slowly, looking a bit dazed. I didn't know whether he had a seizure or some sort of heart problem. He has a heart murmur.

Within 15 minutes or so he seemed to have recovered. But we took him to the vet on Monday and Dr. Vick examined him. She thinks the episode may have been caused by his heart murmur and advised that if it happens again we should call for an appointment for an echocardiogram.

On the plus side, Benny really enjoyed riding to and from the vet's office. He loves riding in the car, although he found it frightening when he was a puppy.

Ben C. Spaniel
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  1. poor baby. glad he recovered rather quickly.

  2. At least now you know, poor Benny. He's quite a fellow.

  3. Oh dear. Poor Benny. It is frightening when things like that happen. Glad to hear he recovered in a short time.

  4. Your Benny is so sweet. I hope he is OK!

  5. Benny is so cute. Maybe he was just protesting the cold and snow! Hope everything goes well for him.


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