February 23, 2015

Random Winter Shots

Good, Random,  and Fun

wall with muralIt's good to be indoors on a cold day, and a mural in a store is a nice surprise! This one's in Winchester. 

My random picture is a snapshot of bridge construction in Front Royal. The project is pretty much paused by the snow.

squirrel eating seed

This squirrel appears to be having fun eating the bird food. He managed to unhook the seed bell and now he's finishing it off at leisure.

Meanwhile, look who's watching him (below)!

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  1. neat mural! love your varmint watcher.

  2. I like that mural. Squirrels are so crafty. I think that watcher would like to go outside and make friends. haha! :-)

  3. A nice splash of color on a winter day. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. Cute grouping of the cheeky squirrel and your guard dog. ;) I quite like that mural.

  5. The squirrel must be quite proud of himself for his ingenuity!

  6. Great pics of the cheeky squirrels!


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