February 4, 2015

Gray Bird in Grayscale

junco on hook

rightThe junco is not colorful so I went ahead and made these in black and white. They seem like sweet little birds and they are often the first brave birds to return to the feeder after an interruption.

Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday


  1. Beeautiful b&w photos, well done!
    My post at: https://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  2. The Juncos are sweet, looks great in B&W.. Have a happy day!

  3. They're birds we see up here in the winter- I imagine they get their food sources elsewhere the rest of the year. I've always liked seeing them.

  4. Love the bird on the wrought iron - so pretty!

  5. Hi Linda, We only get Juncos here at the feeders after some snow.... This winter we have had almost no snow here --so I haven't seen any Juncos yet... Great B&W picture.

  6. Very nice and such a sweet bird.

  7. Nice captures for black and white. Cute little birds.


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