February 6, 2015

Cloudy Winter Evening


cloudy sunsetThe first two images are realistic views of clouds obscuring part of the mountains.

The third image is altered in Photoshop. Obviously I cropped it to make it narrow, but I also added a bit of a vignette, duplicated the layer, used Auto Tone, and then used Multiply as the layer mode. The only problem is that once you look at the third image, the other skies look pale in comparison!

I'm having problems with my laptop tonight so I published this post in two stages. I can't see the bottom of the screen so I was unable to finish inserting the photos. I decided to email them to the blog, which posted them but not in the format I wanted. Now I'm fixing that using the online Blogger editor.

The display problem is my own fault! Last night I was using the Macbook on my lap and I dozed off. I woke up when I heard a thump as the laptop landed on the carpet. Now I can only see the top half of the screen! The bottom half is black. (It was gray at first and even vibrated, but at least that stopped.)

The folks at the "Geek Squad" told me that it may cost $700 to get it repaired. I need to decide whether to just replace it with a new one, but first I'll inquire at another place. Meanwhile, everything is a work-around as important things don't show up on my screen, such as any button that's on the second half of a screen.


  1. Undoubtedly, excellent photos, it seems pretty light! Wonderful sky!

  2. Lovely sky shots.. The clouds and light look lovely.. Sorry about your computer, seems to be a hefty price to repair. Have a happy weekend!

  3. i really like the first shot, actually. good luck with the laptop!

  4. Beautiful shots!

    At that price, it's probably best to just buy another one, leave this laptop for the odd thing that it might still be useful for.

  5. Wonderful shots - love that last one. Presumably, it's just the monitor that's knackered - shame to dump the brain behind it.

  6. The photos are beautiful! Computer repairs are so expensive. Sometimes it's best to just buy a new machine. :(

  7. These skies are so beautiful! Love the last one too!

  8. Beautiful shots of the sky! I'm so sorry to hear about your laptop. Sounds like it will be expensive either way. :(


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