January 20, 2015

Two Barns and a Mill

Page County, Virginia

barn painted blue
Grandview Farm
We don't see many blue barns so I wanted to take a picture of this one. The very next day we went to an art gallery and saw an artist's statement saying he normally avoided painting red barns! Apparently he feels they are a cliché. Well, some folks say sunset pictures are a cliché too, but that doesn't stop most of use from taking their picture. If nothing else, we want to share their beauty with our friends. 

And so, without apology, my next barn is red. And white too. I like it! And for good measure, I'm posting a red mill. 

Willow Grove Mill is just outside the city of Luray. A Civil War Trails Marker tells us that it was burnt in 1864, as Union forces swept through the Shenandoah Valley burning crops and other resources that could be used to feed the Confederate Army. 

View from the Mill


  1. You're right red barns are what I expected, but I guess blue makes a nice change :) #ourworldtuesday

  2. Each barn has its own character. I have played in quite a few, and worked in them as well.

  3. I think red barns can be beautiful, as yours are. I read somewhere that red became a popular barn color because it was cheap. Just mix some rust with milk and linseed oil.

  4. love a red barn! and love that last view!

  5. Somehow that view from the mill doesn't feel like it's changed much since Sheridan came through. Very pretty!

  6. What charming red barns!

  7. Hey, life must be cliche, then. Keep finding and sharing those beautiful red buildings with us! Thanks for linking this week!


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