January 5, 2015

Squirrel Day is Coming Soon!

International Squirrel Appreciation Day is coming on January 21. That's my excuse to share this Photoshopped photo of a cute squirrel.  I made this last night because I wanted to try out an Action from The Coffeeshop Blog called Paint by Number. Then I added an "oil paint" filter.

If you use Photoshop but are not familiar with actions,  they are similar to Macros in Word. They are a list of instructions carried out by the computer and they can produce special effects or add information (such as your copyright info). Some are included with the program, plus you can make your own and download additional ones. I just created a new one to put a Copyright 2015 note into the document info. You can't see it unless you reveal it using software but it can prevent the image from becoming an "orphan" of unknown authorship if it travels around the web.


  1. It does look like an oil painting. Great idea for the copwright on your images.. Have a great evening!

  2. cute little varmint! i'm afraid every day is squirrel day here! :)


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