January 1, 2015

Last Call for Photo of the Year

new years greeting with starIt's January 1st and the deadline at City Daily Photo is fast approaching and I need to choose my photo of the year for 2014.  But before I do, I want to share a few more candidates in addition to the ones I showed at the end of December. We're starting with another view from Skyline Drive since many readers commented on how they liked the Skyline overlook photos I posted previously.

Sharing with: Look Up, Look Down

View of Massanutten Range

Railroad at Strasburg, VA

Swan Trio

Geese Landing

Shenandoah River Lakes

Eastham Park, Front Royal


  1. There are some beauties there Linda. I think of all of them my fave is the railroad - there is something special about the light

  2. All of them were worthwhile pics... I really like that second last one.

  3. These are all beautiful. I especially like the swans and the last two in the post.

  4. Love the swans and that last photo is beautiful. Looks like a fantasy land.


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