January 15, 2015

Farm Fences on a Snowy Day

snow covered lane

I captured these scenes last week along Moose Road near Woodstock, Virginia. We had just driven out of snow flurries and the light was constantly changing. Compare the first photo with one taken in June from the same driveway entrance.

Facing the Massanutten Mountains
When I pointed the camera in a different direction the sky looked very different. 

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  1. love your snowy fence images. the first one is really great.

  2. That is my kind of weather. Beautiful!

  3. Yes there was quite the contrast between the wintery shot and the one taken in June. I love seeing winter photos but not being in them.

  4. What lovely outdoor scenes! The snow makes everything look clean and new.

  5. I had some homemade posts catch my eye the other day.

  6. love that first one with the red barns and great fence line! thanks, linja!

  7. Pretty snowy scenes. I love the first shot with the view of the red barn. Great fence shots!


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