December 17, 2014

Signs: History, Humor, and Healthy Air

These are not as clear as I'd like because the first one was in a glass case in a museum, the second was taken with a cell phone on my way out of a store, and the third sign is weather-worn. But I was intrigued by them and wanted to share them.

I don't see how we could have an army without music.
Robert E. Lee

Complaint Dept. [at Exit Door]

signHealthy Air Zone
Help Us Keep Our Shenandoah Valley Beautiful
Please Turn Your Engine off
Posted at a Gas Station
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  1. I wonder what General Longstreet would have to say about that. General Jackson would just expect the music would have to be all hymns all the time.

  2. Ha! The second one made me laugh. :D

  3. Complain as you leave! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. Nice finds! I especially like the quote about music and the army.

  5. The last sign gave me a laugh. The others are fine also.


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