December 9, 2014

Good, Random and Fun: Cell Phone Snapshots

I still carry a camera with me most of the time so I don't take many pictures with my cell phone. And since I don't have the top-of-the-line phone yet, my cell phone pictures aren't the highest quality. However, when my camera isn't handy or the cell phone happens to be in my hand anyway, it will do for capturing a scene or just playing around while I wait.

The Good

This is the new Metro station in Reston. That area has been waiting for years to be served by the train, and the location just off the Wiehle Avenue exit to the Dulles Airport Road means that getting to the airport from Washington and Northern Virginia just got easier.

I was there to pick up Marie and she had texted to say the train had just left McLean. (That's also a brand new station. And that area has a traffic problem so the Metro will be very helpful.)  Since I had my cell phone in my hand, taking a picture was a logical thing to do. 

The Random

Our washing machine at home is not large enough to launder a king-size comforter, and having it dry-cleaned costs as much as buying a new one. So there I was in a laundromat, waiting for an extra-large washing machine to finish washing the item. I checked my email and then took a picture to pass the time.

The Fun

My ophthalmologist has some humorous signs in his office. One of his patients created this special eye chart for him.

I had left my camera in the car so I used the cell phone. It would have gotten a clearer image but at least the phone's small size meant it was not distracting to other patients.


  1. The flag is a curious touch in a laundromat.

  2. The eye chart is funny..I am sure the new metro station will come in handy for many.. Have a great evening!

  3. Fun stuff. Gotta love when people have a sense of whimsy.

  4. I'm like you - my cell phone doesn't have the best camera, but in a pinch it works okay. I like the eye chart! :)

  5. glad transit is getting easier for some folks! i need to wash my comforter...

  6. Not bad shots for a cell phone. I think mine takes pictures almost as well as my camera.

  7. I don't take many cellphone photos, but we only have one and Betsy carries it most of the time. I have taken a few pictures with my iPad when traveling. I think you got some very good pictures with your phone.

  8. Nice shots there!
    Thanks for sharing, and please visit to link up.

  9. The eye chart made me laugh! :-)


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