December 26, 2014

Family is the Highlight of my Christmas

three peopleAllison and Dave visited on the afternoon of December 24th and Marie showed up that evening. We all went to dinner at IHOP since almost every other place was closed.

In the first picture we see Frank seated with Allison (his middle daughter) and her husband behind him.

two womenLynn was planning to join us on Christmas Day but high winds forced her to delay driving her tiny car until the wind settled down late in the day. Marie and I decided to meet her for dinner. Again, not many places were open so we met her at a buffet in Harrisonburg called Aroma. We had a decent meal and exchanged gifts.

It's always fun to see my daughters together!


  1. Christmas is a great time to enjoy your family.. wonderful photo of your daughters..Have a happy weekend!

  2. Yes, I love, beautiful photos, perfect atmosphere capture happy Christmas!

  3. That is one thing what the holiday should be about. Nice to have family to share with.

  4. Gotta agree with 'on the prairie'; although our family gathering is Thanksgiving. Since our 3 girls are scattered around the country, it is a better time for travel. BTW.. love your orange safety fence!!

  5. It sounds like you had a good Christmas.

  6. Belas fotos da noite de Natal!

    Te desejo um ano novo cheinho de coisas boas, e realizações! bjs

  7. Family time is the best! Sounds like you had a nice visit.


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