December 13, 2014

Deer the Color of the Forest

deer in forestWhen I drove on Skyline Drive Wednesday, I saw some small deer beside the road. They quickly melted into the forest, but I did get a few snapshots. As you can see, their light brown color serves as camouflage. I increased the contrast in Photoshop and cropped the images so you can see them more clearly.

At the time I thought there were three deer, but looking closely at the second Photoshopped image, I see four of them.(The one at the right rear is still hard to spot.) As you can see from the one who has turned to run off, they are whitetail deer.


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  1. Whitetails are up here as well. I've always liked seeing them, and they do blend in quite well... but when they turn and bolt, that white tail can be seen from everywhere!

  2. Lovely Deer. their colour is just the same as the forest. Have a lovely week ahead.

  3. I always enjoy the Skyline drive and the wildlife there. Great sightings and photos of the deer. They are pretty. Thank you for linking up, have a happy Sunday!

  4. They are hard to see sometimes they blend so well.

  5. Pretty pictures. They sure do blend in.


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