December 18, 2014

December in Old Town Winchester

street with archway

man with santaThese pictures shows scenes along the Loudoun Street Pedestrian Mall in Winchester, VA. I made sure I photographed some fences and gates for Theresa's Good Fences linkup. Some of the fences mark the outdoor seating areas of restaurants. 

If you look closely at the second photo, you see an inflatable Santa on the right. He was having trouble standing up so Frank went over to give him a hand.

Here's old Santa again, photographed from the other side. Wait, is he bowing to the church?

The buildings in this part of Winchester appeal to me because they remind me of historic Alexandria (Virginia), where I spent countless hours. That used to be my hometown and it's a fine one!

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  1. Quite a contrast between Santa and the church!

  2. What a quaint little place. Love the decorations. I'm sure Santa appreciated the help!

  3. Pretty town and lovely festive fences.

  4. The town is looking very festive, pretty decorations.. Have a happy weekend!

  5. I like the limestone buildings, they always have a charm to me.

  6. Lovely pictures of beautiful decorated fences :)
    And I like the Santa :D

  7. poor santa - a bit weary. :) love the lights and garland wrapped around the wrought iron. thanks, linja!

  8. Amo essa época de Natal , tudo fica tão lindo e enfeitado

    Boas FEstas!

  9. Love all the holiday decorations!

  10. We've been to Winchester a couple of times, but have not visited this part of town. I would like to get back there and explore some more.

  11. Oh dear, has Santa been drinking too much sherry?
    Thanks for linking him to the up Down Challenge.

  12. I haven't been through Winchester in a long time. Got married there, 39 years ago. :)


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