December 14, 2014

Cedar Grove Church, New Market

white church

Cedar Grove Church of the Brethren stands on a hill between New Market and Mt. Jackson, Virginia. It was the site of the final stage of the Battle of New Market in 1864.

Federal forces under Major General Franz Sigel had not fared well in this battle and retreated to this hill. Here's a quote from a National Park Service page about the New Market Battlefield.
Capt. Henry DuPont (US) brought up his battery to cover the retreat. He unlimbered first near the Harshburger House, then withdrew his pieces rearward en echelon as the Confederates advanced. Sigel fell back to his supports at the Cedar Grove Dunker Church and cemetery and organized a holding action, while his confused troops reorganized. DuPont's artillery continued to slow the pursuit. About 1630 hours, Breckinridge ordered a halt to regroup confronting the US line at Cedar Grove Church. Imboden's cavalry returned from their fruitless effort to get in rear of Sigel's army to burn the Meem's Bottom Bridge across the North Fork (the creeks were swollen with rainfall). An artillery duel continued until about 1700 hours. Breckinridge was unable to organize another attack and, by 1900 hours, the Union army escaped across the North Fork and burned the bridge. Sigel retreated down the Valley Pike rapidly, leaving his badly wounded at Mt. Jackson. He arrived at Strasburg on the following day.
Cemetery (on Rt. 11) Viewed from the Church Road
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  1. i like it's solid, wide appearance.

  2. It's a pretty church with interesting history.

  3. I love Visiting old churches. You find a nice one there

  4. A friend of mine from Harrisonburg, VA commented on my blog today about a meeting today of tourism officials to discuss a "Route 11 Tourway." Route 11 starts in northern New York State and runs to the south. Merry Christmas Linda. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Nice church with some history attached

  6. wow, what cool history. i enjoy the cemetery shot ... wild view. nice one to share. thanks!! ( :


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