November 3, 2014

Mural on a Half Wall

mural of ram

I spotted this mural a couple of weeks ago in Strasburg, Virginia. It shows support for the local high school's sports teams, which use the ram as their symbol.

A few blocks away I saw this scarlet tree and snapped a picture of it. I imagine those leaves have fallen since then since we had some rain and wind.

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  1. I like the flowers on the mural. The tree is beautiful. Most of the leaves have fallen around here too, but there are a few still hanging on.

  2. Two lovely photos. At first I thought it was the navy mascot. The tree is gorgeous!

  3. Quite a ram!

    The tree really had a good autumn season by the looks of it.

  4. Beautiful, fiery tree! Nice mural to support the school.

  5. The mural is fun but that tree is stunning.

  6. Interesting combination of the ram and the flowers. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  7. Thanks for the beautiful scenes from Strasburg. We really enjoyed our visit to the town in the Spring.

  8. Lovely fall colors on that tree!


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