November 17, 2014

Mural and View, Rappahannock High School

This delightful mural is on the side wall of Rappahannock County High School, Virginia. You can see it from US 211 if the school buses aren't blocking your view.

Oh, there are giant paw prints on the asphalt! Whose? Well, it turns out that the team is named the Panthers.

High School near the town of Washington, Virginia

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  1. I really like that mural.. it's so colourful.

  2. Very colorful mural, the trail looks like a nice walk especally as it's paved

  3. I love those paw prints! How unique. I hope you have a terrific Tuesday :)

  4. I do like the mural, and the paw prints are a nice touch!

  5. Nice colorful mural! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful mural! I love it when schools bring such visual vitality to their halls (and walls) ;). Thank you so much for joining RMoD again this week. You rock!


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