November 6, 2014

Merry Horse Gates

One day we crossed Great North Mountain into West Virginia to look at the fall foliage. Near Wardensville I saw a sign for the Quarter Mile Diner and decided to take a look for future reference.

The entrance was startling.

It wasn't dinner time so we did not venture inside. The diner itself looked like an ordinary country restaurant, but the parking lot held a number of trucks that I imagined might be carnival transport trucks. Was this the winter home of a carnival? I don't know but that would explain why they had merry-go-round horses.

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  1. how interesting! my sister loved carousal horses so she'd have loved that gate. :)

  2. Well those carousel horses make the gates etc very interesting.

  3. How unique!! I love it :) Have a great weekend.

  4. Well, that is certainly interesting and eye-catching!

  5. Love that fence and gate -- and hope you go back someday to learn more of the story ! I love carousels too.

  6. What a great idea for a fence/gate. I don't think I have ever seen one like it.

  7. What a great entrance. I thought it was a weather vane at first. Lovely entry for the challenge, thank you


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