November 25, 2014

Good, Random Fun, and Enjoyable

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Teach Children to Be Kind to Animals


Trees near, Boyce, Virginia


Peggy, Marie, Lynn
It's always fun to get together with my daughters and my sister.  Here we are at John's Family Restaurant in Rippon, WV.  (Marie and Lynn refused to smile because they think I take too many pictures. It's kind of a family joke!)


  1. I love these beautiful trees backlit, excellent photos!

  2. I love the horses, it is important for the children to be kind to the animals.. Lovely shot of the tree. Great shot of you and your sisters.. Have a happy Tuesday!

  3. i love the barn. the shape i mean. ( :

  4. Oh family is tired of my photo taking too. When I point the camera at my hubby and kids, more often than not they make faces at me instead of smiling. I'm learning to be stealthy.... :)

  5. That first shot in particular is lovely. The mood's great.

  6. Love the tree picture.
    I think most of us with blogs come across that attitude. : )

  7. Such nice photos! The trees are so pretty. Time with family is well spent even if they won't smile for your pictures. :D


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