November 11, 2014

Good, Random, Fun... and Awesome!

The Good, the Random, and the Fun blog hop provides an excuse to post some unrelated photos that I'd like to share.

The Good
Father and child

It's Veterans Day so I decided to post a picture of my dad in his Navy uniform back in 1944. He's admiring his first-born child, my older brother.

Like many people, my dad joined the military after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was pleased to be given the rank of lieutenant due to his college education and experience in logistics.
The Random

These two pictures are from November 3rd. Since then the excavation has closed for the winter, but I got a chance to check it out and ask a few questions. Archaeologists were seeking remnants of the Strasburg Pottery industry and did find plenty of stoneware sherds and some kiln furniture. The kiln itself stood on an adjacent property, now owned by a dairy. The dig was on property owned by the Strasburg Museum, which was once a pottery and later a railroad station before becoming a museum.

I was interested in seeing this site because I once helped excavate a pottery kiln site in Alexandria (Virginia) when I was a volunteer with Alexandria Archaeology.

The Fun

end of the rainbowLynn drove through the end of the rainbow! And she posted a picture to prove it!

I must say this has never happened to me. But she did not find any gold, or even Skittles. She did give me permission to repost the photo though — after all, I'm her mom.


  1. Quite a variety of shots, and they work well together.

    Did Lynn by chance run over the leprechaun?

  2. No, no leprechaun... he ran off with the Skittles!

  3. That's a great photo of your dad. And I'm impressed that someone found the end of the rainbow - surely a wonderful idea for a children's story?!

  4. i'm sure the excavation is a neat thing, although very slow-going, to. love the rainbow. :)

  5. Interesting shots of the excavation. The rainbow picture is really neat.

  6. Sweet old photo of your Dad and brother.

    Archaeology has not been so interesting for me until I had the chance to stay in an historical excavation site for 10 days. There my interest grew and started reading more about archaeological findings.


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