October 29, 2014

Signs, Signs... at Shenandoah National Park

Lately I've noticed that some signs were blank in the National Forest and National Park near us. This one gives an explanation of sorts.
Your Fee Dollars at Work
A new sign for this site is on its way!
I can't help wondering why they didn't just leave up the old sign until the new one was ready to be installed. 

At least the overlook signs are still in place. Frank is sitting next to one for The Massanutten, which is the mountain range across the valley. It also happens to be the range we can see from our house. (If you want to read the sign, you can find it on Historic Marker Database.) This sign says the origin of the name is not known, but local lore says that Massanutten was a Native American word meaning bread basket, referring to the basket-shaped valley within the mountains.

If you've gone hiking in Shenandoah National Park, you've seen concrete trail markers. A metal band around the post gives information about the trails.

The AT symbol indicates Appalachian Trail. It runs the length of the park and then continues on both northward (to Maine) and south (to Georgia). I've hiked on parts of the trail on many occasions.

I was curious about this note pinned under a rock at an overlook. It says that a cell phone was found here and taken to the entrance station.

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  1. interesting sign - never seen the like round here - now "bread basket" is a term of abuse here.

  2. Great shots of the NP signs. I am happy to see the sign about the phone..It shows there are nice people around.. Have a great day!

  3. Well, let's hope the blank sign it's supposed to say GREAT BIG BEAR AROUND CORNER!

  4. Maybe the old signs were fading and they chose, to save confusion, to remove them. I'm only guessing I know. An interesting collection - including the kind note.

  5. yeah, that is weird to just take the old sign down before the new one comes in! beautiful view there and i like the idea of leaving the note for the cell phone...smart!

  6. Love that view! And how wonderful of the person to leave that note :)

  7. Maybe someone stole the old sign? Love the AT.

  8. Every time you post about Shenandoah it brings back great memories.

  9. Last week we noticed that quite a few signs are missing along the Blue Ridge Parkway as well. In most cases there was a small sign saying that the original was being repaired.

  10. I like the logo for the Appalachian Trail marker. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  11. Quite a list of signs. That is curious about why they took down the old one before putting up the new one. That was kind of someone to leave the note about the lost phone.

  12. HI Linda, I am 'behind' on your posts... SO--I wondered if you had visited the Skyline Drive area this Fall... (I'm sure you have --probably several times!!! ha)

    I found this post --and enjoyed it.... We love that area --and stay at Skyland when we get there... Hubby is anxious to go back...

    Neat sign about the phone.. There are so many nice and HONEST people in the world... We just don't always hear the 'good things'....



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