October 26, 2014

Recreating a Battle

The Battle of Cedar Creek
150th Anniversary

I've been showing pictures of cavalry but of course much of the battle was fought on foot.  Of course, the actual battle was much larger than the reenactment, and much more serious and terrible. Almost a thousand men died and well over four thousand were wounded. 

I've often thought about why men joined the armies to fight this war, this wasteful brother-against-brother tragedy. I believe that many of them simply felt loyal toward their own communities, and the side they joined often depended more on the accident of where they lived rather than any deep political philosophy.


  1. Agree with what you said, I also woder about the poor souls who fought in those times. Seems sucha senceless waste

  2. Amazing pictures. I agree with you. People will defend their way of life and loved ones, of course. In the British Army they relied on loyalty and comradeship - still do - to enable men to cope. I'm sure those principles have applied in every army since ancient times. But, as Bill says - what a waste.

  3. a sad part of american history.

  4. I suspect you're right about the reasons many men joined a particular army. You got some great pictures of the 'soldiers' in action.

  5. Terrific action shots.

    And yet there were men, particularly from the south, ended up fighting for what their peers would have thought of as the other side.

  6. War is a horrible part of our history, but it is history none the less. It is sad thinking about brother against brother.

  7. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....


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