October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Patch at Hollin Farms

It was rainy a couple of weekends ago but Fauquier County was having Farm Days so I took a look at their brochure. One of the participants was Hollin Farm near Delaplane, and I was intrigued to read that it was founded by developer Robert Davenport, the man who built the community where I grew up. He's not around anymore but his sons and their families run the farm so I decided to take a look. 

pumpkin in field The farm grows apples and other crops as well as pumpkins, but with Halloween coming, families were out in force in the pumpkin patch. Of course, it's easier to buy your pumpkins in the supermarket, but this is a outing that children will remember.  They hunt for the perfect pumpkins to take home.

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  1. What lovely shots! Looks like a fun place to be.

  2. I love driving by pumpkin patches in October and spotting all the orange splotches. Pretty cool.

  3. The patch looks like it had a good year for pumpkin growing!

  4. Hey Linda, That fourth pic is intriguing. Happy November 1st! :0 m & jb

  5. I love visiting the pumpkin patch. Nice pics!


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