October 4, 2014

Inside the Lee Cabin at Lost River

Lost River State Park, Mathias, WV 
Inside the old Lee Cabin, some of the rooms have been furnished to look they might have back when the Lee family owned it. However, the naturalist who was there told us that the floor plan was changed back in the CCC days in order to make the stairway safer and at the same time to make the cabin's rooms more the size of those in a typical residence.

It was nice to get inside the cabin because we had seen it from the outside before on a day when the interior was not open to visitors. It looks fairly comfortable for a home that's 200 years old!


  1. I really like the old fashioned design. Modern interior design is incorporating these old elements more and more into new styles.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. It looks extremely comfortable Linda, apart from a few plumbing and electrical updates I could live there :)

  3. The cabin is cute, I like the simple decor from the old days.. Great shots.. Happy Sunday!

  4. the white-washing sure brightens it up!

  5. I like the inside. There is something to be said for simplicity. Looks cheery and comfortable.

  6. It looks very comfortable for a home that old. It looks less ricikety from the inside than it does on the outside.


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