September 9, 2014

Random Fun from Our World

Here are my selections for the Random-osity blog hop and Our World Tuesday.

Good: A dog who never barks or bites or messes up the house.

Random: I took this picture because it reminded me of Janis Joplin's song, "Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz."

Fun: Here's Frank's brother taking his lady friend for a spin.


  1. That license plate makes me laugh. I wonder if the owner thinks they are Gods Gift or if they think the car was.

  2. You could interpret that plate in more than two ways!

  3. Ha! Love the song that popped into your head.

  4. OH ---I'd love to go on a spin in THAT car. Beautiful!!!

    I wonder if THAT dog would scare away our chipmunks and squirrels.... ha ha


  5. That was fun. The license plate was pretty neat and I remember that JJ song. I like that dog too, maybe we should trade in our pug...(just kidding.)

  6. Amei o cãozinho e a mercedes também! bj

  7. Such a cute post! :-) I need that wooden dog!

  8. Nice choices! These made me smile.


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