September 24, 2014

My Mom with Rick in 1944

Eleanor Suiter and Son
Today would have been my mother's 94th birthday. My father took this photo in front of their apartment building in 1944. The album page says "201 Clinton Avenue" and pictures of my dad show him in his Navy uniform, so this would be when he was stationed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

By the time I came along the war was over and they lived in Virginia.


  1. A very sweet photo of your Mom and little one Linda. These old photos are real treasures.

  2. It's a lovely pic. So nice that you have it to share.

  3. Wonderful picture of your Mum Linda, I love the style of that period.

  4. I was looking for an unfamiliar old photo of Mom last night in honor of her birthday, and couldn't find one I liked. This is perfect: thank you!

  5. She's lovely. Great old photo.

  6. This is a very lovely photos of you and your mom. It's a sweet photo.


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