September 12, 2014

Belle Grove Contrasts

Historical Marker and Foundation

Ready for a Wedding 
flowers and fabricWhen we visited Belle Grove last weekend, it was set up for a wedding. The festive decorations were in contrast to the history of the property, which was once part of a Civil War battlefield. This is in Middletown in the lovely Shenandoah Valley.

Bullet hole from Battle of Cedar Creek
Another column with a bullet hole
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  1. The wedding setting seems to give some peace to the valley. Lovely photos.

  2. it is interesting to have that as a wedding site, now.

  3. The bullet holes are quite a memento of a darker past.

  4. bullet holes and weddings, what a contrast but rather neat too. beautiful images.

  5. What a lovely setting minus the bullet hole. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. That would be interesting to visit...but I'm really not so keen on the idea of a wedding taking place on a battlefield...historical or not.

  7. Looks like a cool place for a wedding.. Beautiful scenic shots..Happy weekend!

  8. Bullet holes from battle and a wedding are quite the contrast--but a sign that beauty can come from ashes. What a lovely place.


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