August 8, 2014

Crossing a Creek

What is Lynn Looking At?
Cows Crossing a Creek

These pictures are from August 2000. I believe I took them in Augusta County, or was it Rockbridge? Anyway, we were in Lynn's part of Virginia.

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  1. Ha! After posting I saw that I had shared a filtered version of the last picture in 2006! I mentioned then that it was near Lexington, VA.

  2. Cows make for good subjects...especially in action♪

  3. The cattle, no doubt, are used to the crossing. Terrific shots!

  4. On a hot day the cows may enjoy crossing the creek! Cool sighting.. Happy weekend!

  5. What a beautiful location and what beautiful photos!!!! Thank you for sharing this. :)

  6. Very scenic location. I like these.

  7. Bet the cows love that creek on a hot summer day.


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